New look for our website!

Hi everybody! Long time no see! But if you are reading this blog post, you might have notice that our website had a little make over! It’s not finished yet and some features still don’t work. I got a kick start help from Tim, (Thank you!) from Indielove, but now I am the one working on the website, so it’s […]

Independence of Brazil

On September 7, Brazil celebrates its Independence from Portugal, which happened in 1822. So to all Brazilians, we wish you a Happy Independence Day with loads of Brigadeiros, our most loved and Brazilian sweet! From Brazil’s Independence Anthem: “Já podeis, da Pátria filhos, Ver contente a mãe gentil; Já raiou a liberdade No horizonte do […]

Birmingham Chilli Festival 2013

Catching up with a few Summer events… [2] July was the month when happened the 3rd Birmingham Chilli Festival at the Brindleyplace. It was such a lovely event where you could find pretty much anything that can be spicy. Miss Apple was there with White Chocolate, Milk and Dark Chocolate chilli Brigadeiro as well as […]

Mac Food Market

Catching up with a few Summer events… [1] Last June I joined the Mac Food Market once again. It is such a lovely place to be with loads of cool things to do. The food market adds to it bringing us a variety of local deliciousness. This time I took, besides the Brigadeiros, a few […]


And the big day finally came! #FutureFoodies was last Wednesday 26th June at the Hotel La Tour! Dine Birmingham organised this great event. It came together wonderfully! #FutureFoodies celebrated food Independent businesses in Birmingham using social media to shine and spotlight the local producers. “EAT. DRINK. SHARE.” I was very excited to showcase my Brazilian Brigadeiros […]

June Festivals (Festas Juninas) part 2

In the first part of this post, I told you about typical food, costumes, dance and more. Another traditional thing during the June Festivals are the game stalls. Similar to the Fun Fairs here in the UK, they give you a prize if you score. There is fishing or throwing the circle on the bottles […]

June Festivals (Festas Juninas) part 1

I’m a bit late with this post, but as we say in Brazil “Better later than never.”. Obviously that doesn’t apply to everything, but  here I go! Every year in Brazil we celebrate the Festas Juninas (June Festivals). They were brought by the Portuguese during the colonization times to celebrate Saint Anthony (13th June), Saint John (24th […]

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